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Covid 19, a global pandemic has taught us many things and has also added more technology to our day to day life. We learned “to work from home”. But I want to take one step ahead for the people who manages business and people and that is Manage from home. After working from home, if you need to move to your office or working location to manage things further, then you surely need to move ahead and start-up with “manage from home”.

The Problem:-

Work from home, has certain issues.  It has reduced the percentage of being productive and effective when compared to work from office culture. It has reduced the team’s productivity and has increased communication gaps. Certain employees also feels being locked in a static environment and has also reduced moral binding of office relationships. Immediate access of employees are missing too. The employee also face issue related to disciplined schedule.

The Solution:-

  1. Equip your team with technology and productivity tools. Provide facility to employees to analyze their productivity.
  2. Schedule weekly phone calls or video conference meetings with your most important team mates. Try to communicate more on digital platform like emails or official chat platforms
  3. If possible, weekly have one visit to your office, If not then try out a day to work from a coffee shop or shared working spaces or work with your colleague/s from their home and vice versa.
  4. Physically removing yourself into a separate home office helps. But also make sure you remove distractions from your work area. Noise-canceling headphones can help you avoid auditory distractions, such as your kids playing or your spouse watching your favorite show.
  5. Also understand what metrics are used to measure your performance, and based on that you yourself analyze your performance and see if it is as per the expectation of your superior.

If possible convert to solutions which are on internet (cloud), these helps in having a common ground of your related data. Eg:, If your accounting or back office application is on internet then the finance manager and accountant and your other team related with this data shares a common platform and more transparency on this data.

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